Healthcare Reform

In today’s healthcare environment, third-party reprocessing stands alone in the device industry as continually providing multiple benefits: safe, effective medical devices at greatly reduced cost, and a resulting reduction in the generation of medical waste.

Like the generic drug industry, reprocessing provides an immediate savings opportunity for the healthcare system – with no decrease in safety or effectiveness. Third-party reprocessed devices also are helping to transform healthcare by providing:

  • Comparative good value: Safe, effective, FDA-cleared devices at greatly reduced cost.
  • Innovation: Reprocessing represents new technology and the best of medical device industry innovation.
  • Preservation of quality patient care and scarce resources:

    • Patient safety record of reprocessed devices is excellent;
    • No change in practice patterns, or reduction in choice of tools for clinicians with the use of reprocessed “single-use” devices;
    • Preservation of device inventory value; and
    • Preservation of the environments in communities our customers serve.