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Third-Party Medical Device Processing

Medical device reprocessing has become one of the most celebrated supply chain cost reduction strategies in US hospitals. This is because reprocessing uniquely makes it possible for hospitals to maintain patient care quality while saving substantial amounts of money.

These clear benefits have made the most prestigious hospitals in the country embrace reprocessing to provide better care through smarter use of resources.

Medical device reprocessors are leading the effort to keep high quality standards and increased value from medical devices. Together, these companies are organized in the Association of Medical Device Reprocessors Association – AMDR.

AMDR’s focus is to maximize the value of reprocessing to our hospital, surgical center and other healthcare provider partners, rather than optimizing our sales through partial reprocessing solutions.

Third-party reprocessing offers healthcare providers a way to maintain the highest quality patient care, while also achieving significant cost-savings and reducing medical waste.


New Report: Global Reprocessed Medical Device Market Expected to Reach $4.95 Billion by 2021

Source: Ajay Daniel, WhaTech Channel, Medical Market Research A new report from Research Nester Pvt Ltd finds that the “Reprocessed Medical Devices Market is one of the fast growing markets across the globe. There has been a [significant] rise in healthcare technology in the past few years to provide effective and affordable medical devices.” “The global reprocessed medical device […]

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