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Celebrates Earth Day!

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The Association of Medical Device Reprocessors is happy to congratulate our partners who are committed to implementing sustainable, environmentally friendly practices. AMDR member-companies are committed to greening healthcare. Indeed, reprocessing is one of the most impactful sustainability initiatives used by hospitals today. By using regulated third-party reprocessors, hospitals can not only extend the life of their existing medical devices (and thus save money) but they can reduce the amount of operating room waste generated. AMDR has assembled a “green year in review,” highlighting some of the green, reprocessing-related stories of the last 12 months. Read more here.






Award-Winning Environmental Purchasing Program Strategies

…Whether you’re just getting started or well on your way, the right tools can help further transform your supply chain process. This checklist provides an overview of some key environmental purchasing strategies suggested by Practice Greenhealth for award-winning hospitals. Choosing a more environmentally preferred product or service is just one small decision—but when these small […]

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